Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Here I am!!

So let me introduce myself. I am a mother of a very eclectic group. My husband and me have six children total. We each have two from previous marriages and two together. So I find myself in a very interesting position. I am a mother, step mother, and two of my children have a stepmother as well. I can honestly say that I see parenting from every position. As you can imagine, our cost of living is very high. I am not a "stay at home mom", but still try to give everything that "stay at home mom" touch. This is not always easy when working 9 &1/2 hours a day. My husband is also employed full time. So to sum it up, time and money are short and cost is huge. To make this equation work I have to make the most of every single dime and every single minute. I never take any deal or "freebie" for granted and am always looking for new tips and secrets. I love to share what I learn and that is exactly what this blog is for!

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