Tuesday, July 10, 2012

We Love Eco Juicer!!!

Love fresh juice? Love the feeling of giving your kids a healthy alternative to soda? Hate all the additives, sugars, and fillers in store bought juice? Eco Juicer is an inexpensive way to get fresh healthy juice at home!
Some people think that juicing at home sounds hard or complicated, even costly. Eco Juicer breaks through all those sceptical worries.

Eco Juicer is so easy to use that my toddlers could use. And yes, it is much safer for them than an electric juicer. No spinning parts or blades to catch their little fingers in! Whew!

Eco Juicer is family friendly!!!
As you all know I have several children and believe me when I say they were literally lined up to try it!!

Eco Juicer is so handy too. It eliminates all seeds and still lets plenty of yummy pulp through.

These lemons are completely empty. Eco Juicer got ALL the juice!

For those of you who do not like pulp in your juice, simply run the juice through a strainer for a pulp free healthy beverage. Fresh juice also brings new life to many alcoholic beverages and recipes.

Imaging adding fresh pineapple and lemon juice to a teriyaki recipe, or fresh orange to stir fry, how about the freshest lemon juice you have ever had in a fish marinade. Healthier than bottled juices, no preservatives, and fresh taste. Sounds good to me!!

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